A Reminding

Bleakness came round to visit one day
and her hand found a talisman
waiting on a odd store shelf
and with last bits of coins
she purchased her lifesaver.

A Action

Is it foolishness, this grasping of a hope?
Is it a mistake to see a guiding light in the darkness?

In her palm she rolls the bright paper across it.
Inside she knows sweet candy retains
and yet, today,
far more is that her eyes see.

A Planning

Slipping it into her pocket and facing the day;
a bright inner light sourced from whispers
unfettered from the shackles of the past
burst across inner horizons.

In her week moments, caressing the coil in her pocket,
she finds hope; from pain comes wisdom,
from thorns one grows strong,
and the sun does dawn.

There are Lifesavers out there.



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